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   scifi, history, adventure, comedy, family, supernatural, occasional verse


SUN IN TAURUS – Can Madame Sosostris help you?

JOHNNY AND BARNINGHAM WOODS – what did the boys find when they trespassed?

FREEBIE – the robotic gift is more than she bargained for.

NOT THE OFFICE PARTY – life in our village

or try the first chapter of

RUIN OF THE SOUL       a new thriller

Ruin of the Soul

Chapter One

Be introduced to Rachel and her son Ben as they journey across a dysfunctional Britain in their search for peace and safety in the mountains of North Wales.  On Penybwlch estate the Eckstazia team researches cures for a deadly viral disease that could wipe out cattle stocks worldwide.  A valuable contribution to human and animal wellbeing, surely? But Eckstazia is run by fundamentalists, who believe we live in the end time when Jesus will return again. What are their real plans? Why do they employ Rachel when her husband denigrated their organization publicly? And can a lonely widow refuse the affection of a kindly but secretive scientist?

Ben is an inquisitive and stubborn ten year old and the woods and moorlands house dangerous wild animals.  Even more tempting are the secrets hidden by the yobbish farmer and his uncouth friends.  Farm buildings and fields are out of bounds.  And a lonely Welsh mountain church is not as holy and innocent as it appears.  Can Ben resist the enticing temptations?  Could you?